Uncover True Insights.

Our mission is to empower everyone to make smarter investment decisions by offering a simple, easy and comprehensive global markets analytics plaform.

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Build for Everyone, by Ex-Bloomberg Team

KlickAnalytics is started by ex-Bloombergs who have a proven track record of financial markets knowledge, building robust systems and solutions with cutting-edge technologies.

While working on finding a solution to have an easy, fast, affordable professional institutional level financial markets analytics with multi-asset class information and global coverage, we were astonished to see that there is hardly any platform that provide 'true end result analysis', let alone the the investors were stuck between overprice, difficult-to-use platforms or through low quality retail websites providing simply 'standard information like prices and charts and not focusing on pre and post trade analytics'. With no solution, we decided to solve this problem for financial markets players so that they can get 'The FINE RESULTS'.

We strongly believe that there is a great opportunity to provide best-in-class global research analytics platform that caters for both professional traders and mass markets. Our mission is to empower everyone to make smarter informed investment decisions and execute wining strategies by providing simple, fast, easy and affordable research analytics platform.

We build our product on core values.

Customers are #1

We always start with our customer needs. We believe our success is totally depends on delivering a high quality product to our customers

All Information are inter-connected

Every information is trigger by an associated connected market event. We build tools to uncover those hidden trends by looking global multi-asset class instruments

Simple and affordable

Provide a product that is simple, easy and affordable. Tools should adapt to the user, not the other way around

Think Global

Think global and act local. Provide global solutions with the right mix of global and local needs. The need for information crosses all borders

Be Rigorous

Focus on providing premium value to our customers. Be Real. Committed in heart and mind. Great just isn’t good enough

Never stop innovating

We are big-picture people to uncover the hidden DNA. We dedicate time for research and experiment and that is constant

Our Partners

We're grateful for the support of our investors, and our partners who continue to believe in what we are doing and empower our mission to provide simple and powerful financial market insights for everyone.


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