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Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (2240.SR) - Trader Stats

By KlickAnalytics Data Insights  |   May 16, 2024 07:36AM ET

  • Zamil Industrial Investment Co. (2240.SR) close price is trading at 21.10 with volume of 1,528,148 and a one day change of 1.0 (4.98%).
  • Price Rally: The stock is trading upward for the last 1 day.
  • Close price to open price was 4.46%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • Close price to high price was 0.00%, showing a neutral sentiment
  • Close price to low price was 6.35%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • Close price to previous day open was 4.77%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • 1 Month high price was 24.16 which occured on 2024-04-16 (30 days ago)
  • 1 Month low price was 19.92 which occured on 2024-04-29 (17 days ago)
  • Current price vs 1 month high price is -12.67%.
  • Current price vs 1 month low price is 5.92%.
  • 52-week high price was 34.3 which occured on 2024-03-20 (57 days ago)
  • 52-week low price was 17.92 which occured on 2023-05-14 (368 days ago)
  • Current price vs 52-week high price is -38.48%.
  • Current price vs 52-week low price is 17.75%.
  • Historical Returns (%): 1-Day 4.98%, 1-Week 2.93%, 1-Month -6.88%, 3-Months -19.92%, 6-Months 4.98%, Year-to-date -22.43%, 1-Year 16.57%
  • Historical Relative Volume: 1-Week 1.57x, 1-Month 1.52x, 3-Months 1.37x, 6-Months 1.70x, Year-to-date 1.60x, 1-Year 2.07x
  • 1-Month high volume was 1,615,129 which occured on 2024-04-23 (23 days ago)
  • 1-Month low volume was 476,163 which occured on 2024-05-12 (4 days ago)
  • Current volume vs 1-Month high volume is -5.39%.
  • Current volume vs 1-Month low volume is 220.93%.
  • Fundamentals - TTM
  • MarketCap : 1,320,000,000
  • Net income per share : -5.27
  • Price/Earning Ratio : -4.17
  • Working Capital : -175,108,000
  • Total Assets : 6,074,766,000
  • Total Liabilities : 5,427,210,000
  • Total Revenue : 4,684,427,000%
  • EBIT : -271,132,000%
  • Altman Z-Score : 0.71
  • Technical Indicators
  • Spurt UP : SMA10 > SMA20 : No
  • Short term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 : No
  • Medium term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 : No
  • Long term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 > SMA200: No
  • UP coming : SMA10 > SMA50 > SMA20 : No
  • 5-days Simple Moving Average (20.50) signal is BUY
  • 10-days Simple Moving Average (20.44) signal is BUY
  • 20-days Simple Moving Average (21.04) signal is BUY
  • 50-days Simple Moving Average (25.41) signal is SELL
  • 100-days Simple Moving Average (25.92) signal is SELL
  • 200-days Simple Moving Average (24.15) signal is SELL
  • Close price vs SMA5 is 2.95%
  • Close price vs SMA10 is 3.21%
  • Close price vs SMA20 is 0.30%
  • Close price vs SMA50 is -16.97%
  • Close price vs SMA100 is -18.60%
  • Close price vs SMA200 is -12.62%
  • About
    Zamil Industrial Investment Company, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the design and engineering, manufacturing, and fabrication of construction materials, pre-engineering steel buildings, steel structures, air conditions, and climate control systems for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, as well as for telecom and broadcasting towers, process equipment, fiberglass, rockwool and engineering plastic foam insulation, and solar power projects. It operates through four segments: Air Conditioners Industry, Steel Industry, Insulation Industry, and Corporate and Others. The Air Conditioners Industry segment produces window, split, and central air conditioners; electrical and gas ovens; automatic dryers; microwave ovens; air-conditioning ducts/channels; household refrigerators; and automatic washing machines, as well as engages in the installation, maintenance, operation, and leasing of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The Steel Industry segment engages in constructing, managing, and operating industrial projects, airports, and warehouses; constructing and providing fire protection services for building and structures; building, repairing, and maintaining the communication towers. This segment is also involved in the business of steel sheets works, heavy equipment and its spare parts, and storage tanks; installation of containers and pumps; and implementation of electric works. The Insulation Industry segment engages in the production of insulation products, including fiberglass for thermal insulation of central air conditioners, pre-insulated pipes, glass wool, rock wool, and engineering plastic foam insulations. The Corporate and Others segment is involved in training and investment activities. It operates in Saudi Arabia, other Asian countries, and Africa. The company was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
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