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By KlickAnalytics Data Insights  |   July 11, 2024 07:36AM ET

  • AL SALAM Sudan (ALSALAMSUDAN.DFM) close price is trading at 0.90 with volume of 3,652,199 and a one day change of 0.07 (8.17%).
  • Price Rally: The stock is trading upward for the last 2 days.
  • Close price to open price was 4.65%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • Close price to high price was -6.25%, showing a bearish sentiment
  • Close price to low price was 15.38%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • Close price to previous day open was 7.14%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • 1 Month high price was 1.04 which occured on 2024-07-04 (7 days ago)
  • 1 Month low price was 0.38 which occured on 2024-06-19 (22 days ago)
  • Current price vs 1 month high price is -13.46%.
  • Current price vs 1 month low price is 136.84%.
  • Historical Returns (%): 1-Day 8.17%, 1-Week -1.10%, 1-Month 95.65%, 3-Months 28.57%, Year-to-date -10.00%
  • Historical Relative Volume: 1-Week 2.30x, 1-Month 4.79x, 3-Months 10.59x, Year-to-date 15.11x
  • 1-Month high volume was 3,652,199 which occured on 2024-07-10 (1 days ago)
  • 1-Month low volume was 10 which occured on 2024-06-11 (30 days ago)
  • Current volume vs 1-Month high volume is 0.00%.
  • Current volume vs 1-Month low volume is 36521890.00%.
  • Technical Indicators
  • Spurt UP : SMA10 > SMA20 : Yes
  • Short term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 : Yes
  • Medium term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 : No
  • UP coming : SMA10 > SMA50 > SMA20 : No
  • 5-days Simple Moving Average (0.87) signal is BUY
  • 10-days Simple Moving Average (0.82) signal is BUY
  • 20-days Simple Moving Average (0.68) signal is BUY
  • 50-days Simple Moving Average (0.64) signal is BUY
  • 100-days Simple Moving Average (0.77) signal is BUY
  • Close price vs SMA5 is 3.45%
  • Close price vs SMA10 is 10.35%
  • Close price vs SMA20 is 33.23%
  • Close price vs SMA50 is 41.02%
  • Close price vs SMA100 is 16.28%
  • About

    Country of Origin: Sudan

    Al Salam Bank (the Bank) was established as a public company with limited liability in Khartoum on December 28, 2004 under companies law 1925 with registration certificate No. 23335. The Bank is providing commercial banking services according to Islamic rules and principles. The Bank started its commercial operations on May 2005.

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