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National Industrialization Co. (2060.SR) - Trader Stats

By KlickAnalytics Data Insights  |   May 16, 2024 07:36AM ET

  • National Industrialization Co. (2060.SR) close price is trading at 12.90 with volume of 845,518 and a one day change of -0.08 (-0.62%).
  • Price Rally: The stock is trading downward for the last 1 day.
  • Close price to open price was -0.77%, showing a bearish sentiment
  • Close price to high price was -0.77%, showing a bearish sentiment
  • Close price to low price was 1.26%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • Close price to previous day open was 0.00%, showing a neutral sentiment
  • 1 Month high price was 15.02 which occured on 2024-04-15 (31 days ago)
  • 1 Month low price was 12.9 which occured on 2024-05-12 (4 days ago)
  • Current price vs 1 month high price is -14.11%.
  • Current price vs 1 month low price is 0.00%.
  • 52-week high price was 15.7 which occured on 2023-05-29 (353 days ago)
  • 52-week low price was 11.24 which occured on 2023-10-25 (204 days ago)
  • Current price vs 52-week high price is -17.83%.
  • Current price vs 52-week low price is 14.77%.
  • Historical Returns (%): 1-Day -0.62%, 1-Week -4.44%, 1-Month -12.24%, 3-Months 4.03%, 6-Months 9.32%, Year-to-date 4.03%, 1-Year -8.77%
  • Historical Relative Volume: 1-Week 0.79x, 1-Month 0.57x, 3-Months 0.27x, 6-Months 0.32x, Year-to-date 0.29x, 1-Year 0.35x
  • 1-Month high volume was 3,500,683 which occured on 2024-04-23 (23 days ago)
  • 1-Month low volume was 573,227 which occured on 2024-05-07 (9 days ago)
  • Current volume vs 1-Month high volume is -75.85%.
  • Current volume vs 1-Month low volume is 47.50%.
  • Fundamentals - TTM
  • MarketCap : 8,241,022,525
  • Net income per share : 0.03
  • Price/Earning Ratio : 404.35
  • Working Capital : -97,500,000
  • Total Assets : 25,340,962,000
  • Total Liabilities : 13,303,214,000
  • Total Revenue : 3,439,671,000%
  • EBIT : 289,045,000%
  • Altman Z-Score : 0.64
  • Technical Indicators
  • Spurt UP : SMA10 > SMA20 : No
  • Short term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 : No
  • Medium term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 : No
  • Long term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 > SMA200: No
  • UP coming : SMA10 > SMA50 > SMA20 : No
  • 5-days Simple Moving Average (13.10) signal is SELL
  • 10-days Simple Moving Average (13.40) signal is SELL
  • 20-days Simple Moving Average (13.72) signal is SELL
  • 50-days Simple Moving Average (13.74) signal is SELL
  • 100-days Simple Moving Average (12.96) signal is SELL
  • 200-days Simple Moving Average (12.70) signal is BUY
  • Close price vs SMA5 is -1.53%
  • Close price vs SMA10 is -3.70%
  • Close price vs SMA20 is -5.97%
  • Close price vs SMA50 is -6.12%
  • Close price vs SMA100 is -0.48%
  • Close price vs SMA200 is 1.56%
  • About
    National Industrialization Company operates in the petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, engineering, and metals sectors worldwide. The company operates through three segments: Chemicals, Petrochemicals, and Downstream & Others. It produces titanium dioxide, ethylene, polyethylene, propylene, polypropylene, butyl acrylate, acrylic acid, super absorbent polymers, butanol, titanium sponges, and plastic sheets and other plastic products. The company also offers technical industrial services; manufactures steel and non-steel castings; produces towed steel wires, spring wires, steel wires for cables, and twisted reinforcement wires to carry the electrical conductors, as well as for use in concrete and welding wires; and produces and markets liquid batteries for vehicles and industrial use; and lead and sodium sulphate. In addition, it conducts technical tests on industrial facilities; chemical, petrochemical, and metal plants; and water desalination and electricity generating plants, as well as sets up various plastic industries. Further, the company engages in the inspection of mechanical equipment and industrial instruments, quality management, and environment systems; provides academic training, information technology consultancy, and laboratory testing services; gathers, recycles, and sells used and damaged batteries, lead, plastics, industrial materials, and environmental waste; produces and markets acrylic boards; and markets chemical, petrochemical, and plastic items. Additionally, it produces plastic pallets and pipes, agri-films, and waste-water treatment products; and industrial dyes and paints. The company was incorporated in 1985 and is headquartered in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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