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Al Moammar Information Systems Co. (7200.SR) - Trader Stats

By KlickAnalytics Data Insights  |   July 11, 2024 07:37AM ET

  • Al Moammar Information Systems Co. (7200.SR) close price is trading at 168.00 with volume of 134,911 and a one day change of -0.6 (-0.36%).
  • Price Rally: The stock is trading downward for the last 2 days.
  • Close price to open price was 0.00%, showing a neutral sentiment
  • Close price to high price was -1.64%, showing a bearish sentiment
  • Close price to low price was 1.94%, showing a bullish sentiment
  • Close price to previous day open was -2.89%, showing a bearish sentiment
  • 1 Month high price was 175.2 which occured on 2024-05-12 (60 days ago)
  • 1 Month low price was 146.0 which occured on 2024-04-25 (77 days ago)
  • Current price vs 1 month high price is -4.11%.
  • Current price vs 1 month low price is 15.07%.
  • 52-week high price was 176.3935 which occured on 2023-07-16 (361 days ago)
  • 52-week low price was 121.0 which occured on 2023-11-13 (241 days ago)
  • Current price vs 52-week high price is -4.76%.
  • Current price vs 52-week low price is 38.84%.
  • Historical Returns (%): 1-Day -0.36%, 1-Week 1.82%, 1-Month 11.55%, 3-Months 12.90%, 6-Months 33.55%, Year-to-date 20.34%, 1-Year 32.65%
  • Historical Relative Volume: 1-Week 0.74x, 1-Month 0.77x, 3-Months 0.71x, 6-Months 0.71x, Year-to-date 0.69x, 1-Year 0.79x
  • 1-Month high volume was 420,185 which occured on 2024-04-16 (86 days ago)
  • 1-Month low volume was 65,184 which occured on 2024-04-28 (74 days ago)
  • Current volume vs 1-Month high volume is -67.89%.
  • Current volume vs 1-Month low volume is 106.97%.
  • Fundamentals - TTM
  • MarketCap : 5,086,034,840
  • Net income per share : 1.35
  • Price/Earning Ratio : 125.57
  • Dividend Yield : 0.01%
  • Working Capital : 161,417,033
  • Total Assets : 2,041,264,500
  • Total Liabilities : 1,683,710,280
  • Total Revenue : 1,355,744,453%
  • EBIT : 133,528,934%
  • Altman Z-Score : 2.84
  • Technical Indicators
  • Spurt UP : SMA10 > SMA20 : Yes
  • Short term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 : Yes
  • Medium term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 : Yes
  • Long term UP : SMA10 > SMA20 > SMA50 > SMA100 > SMA200: Yes
  • UP coming : SMA10 > SMA50 > SMA20 : No
  • 5-days Simple Moving Average (168.56) signal is SELL
  • 10-days Simple Moving Average (165.53) signal is BUY
  • 20-days Simple Moving Average (158.95) signal is BUY
  • 50-days Simple Moving Average (150.73) signal is BUY
  • 100-days Simple Moving Average (144.59) signal is BUY
  • 200-days Simple Moving Average (143.47) signal is BUY
  • Close price vs SMA5 is -0.33%
  • Close price vs SMA10 is 1.49%
  • Close price vs SMA20 is 5.69%
  • Close price vs SMA50 is 11.46%
  • Close price vs SMA100 is 16.19%
  • Close price vs SMA200 is 17.10%
  • About
    Al Moammar Information Systems Company provides information technology solutions and services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company operates through six segments: Business Service Management Unit, Solutions Unit, Systems Unit, Information Technology Security Unit, Networking Unit, Operation and Maintenance Unit, and Data Center Unit. It offers managed people and medical, SLA support, MDR, SOC, Managed IT, consulting, professional, and project management services. The company also provides data analytics and AI solutions, such as data infrastructure, data warehouse, data lake and database, data process and analysis, AI/ML platforms and model, predictions and forecasting, data visualization and dashboard; data-driven applications, that includes ERP and CRM, banking and medical applications, anti-money laundering, geographic information system, industry applications, business process management, AI chatbots, mobile and web applications; and digital platforms, such as marketplace and e-commerce, search engine, payment, communication, digital retail, supply-chain, smart city, and digital banking and health platform. In addition, it offers cyber security solutions, such as infrastructure and end user security, cloud and application, email and web security, PKI and digital signature, ATP and SIEM, DLP and DDoS, IAM, PAM and MFA, vulnerability and risk management, digital trust, SASE, and governance; software solutions that includes software defined networking, WAN, and access, as well as network automation and analytics, Private 5G, Wi-Fi 6/6E, application delivery controller, and monitoring and management; and collaboration solutions, such as unified communications (UC), collaboration endpoints, conferencing and messaging, workspaces, contact center, UC applications, UC analytics, and UC cloud. The company was incorporated in 1979 and is headquartered in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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